About this website

Paul Michael Vermette, 7th Great Grandson of Anthoine Vermet dit Laforme (1636-1708) and author is this website.

This is a personal website and therefore primarily reflects my own ancestry and those Vermette’s with whom I’ve collaborated over the years.  While there are many branches of the Vermet/Vermette family tree that are not shown on this website, you will likely still find much of the information useful, as our branches will converge (and often re-converge) at some point.  If you are a Vermette, or descended from a Vermette, it is almost certain that we are related and our common roots are documented here.

From my research, I’ve come to believe that all Vermettes in North America are descended from Antoine Vermet dit Laforme and Barbe Menard.  Antoine and Barbe were married in 1669 and lived on the island of Ile du Orleans, located in the St. Lawrence River near modern Quebec City.

While my primary focus is on the Vermette and Lalonde surnames, my tree includes a significant number of Pelletier, Cyr, Campau, Neron, Gagne, Bilodeau, Theriault, Demers, Dubois, Gamache, Lalande, Dumais, Gauthier, and many other French Canadian family surnames.

Janet Wright Hamilton 1860-1945

Janet Wright (center) in Blantyre, Scotland prior to emigrating to the U.S. and marrying James Hamilton in 1881.

For you Star Trek fans, yes, there are a few Picards in here as well.  If your roots are German, you will find a large number of Orf, Sommer, and Rothermich surnames in my tree from my mother’s side of the family. Scottish?  We have some of those too.

My wife’s mother’s maiden name was Lalonde. I discovered that the history of Jean de Lalonde was very similar to Anthoine Vermet’s in that they were both original settlers of the colony of New France. Although there is no documentation to indicate that they ever met, the French colonists were few in number and it is very reasonable to assume that at least some of the families were acquaintances.  In documenting our history, I traced family lineages to France, England, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the United States, and many other countries of the world.  In the process, I’ve learned more about world history than I ever learned in school.  

There is no need to ‘log in’ to this website unless you want to participate in the forum.  Visitors will have full access to all information with the exception of details on living people.  Feel free to browse and find your connections.  If you have any questions about our family’s history or if you’d like to make sure the ‘next version’ of this family tree is more accurate, please make suggestions under the tab provided on the individual records or just post it in the forums.