The Vermette family tree on this website consists of one tree containing 13,996 individuals, 5,163 families, 16,056 events, and 2,468 places based on documentation from 453 sources.  If you have a Vermette/Vermet in your family tree, there are 1,302 of them here. One or more of them is almost certainly a relative of yours and will help you find your branch of this tree.

Original marriage record of Antoine Vermet and Barbe Ménard in 1669 Parish Registry of St. Famille church, Ile d’Orleans, Quebec, Canada.  Anthoine and Barbe are my seventh great grandparents.

Genealogy is so much more than birth, marriage, and death statistics on people that died long ago. It is the story of people, their lives and their struggles that resulted in our being here today reading this website. If you think about it, lots of good things had to happen to make you possible. Simply put, if even one of your grandmothers didn’t like the way your grandpa danced, you wouldn’t be here today.  Our ancestors all had to be healthy enough, well enough fed, and successful enough to have children and to keep them alive.

Every one of our ancestors had dreams of success. They had good days, bad days, and worst days (worst days often resulting in their deaths). They all cared for their children.  They were involved in the world that they lived in and participated by serving in the military, the church, or their local government. Like us, they either supported or fought against their kings or government.  Mostly, like us, they worked hard and did the best they could to have a good life. The one thing they all had in common is that none of them had any idea you would someday be born and would be here researching their lives.  If they had known, I’m certain they would have left better records.