The title of this website is misleading.  There are thousands of Vermette families from recent generations in the U.S. and Canada who are not included in this history.  More accurately, this website contains the Vermette Family History as it relates to Paul Michael Vermette, the seventh great-grandson of Antoine Vermet dit Laforme, the first Vermette to arrive on the North American continent.  It also contains a full history of our branch of the Lalonde family and documents several other families, such as the Halters, whose ancestry is traced back to the year 710 A.D.

As far as I have been able to determine through extensive research, everyone in North America with surnames of Vermette or Vermet (and several other variations) are related to Antoine Vermet dit Laforme.  Antoine immigrated to what is now Quebec, Canada from Arras, France in about 1664.  This family history documents the ancestry of over 13,000 individuals, including 1221 Vermette/Vermet families descended from Antoine, and almost certainly contains ancestors common to all Vermettes in the U.S. and Canada. 

In 1669, Antoine Vermet was a 33 year-old farmer living on the island of Ille d'Orleans in the French colony of New France (now Quebec, Canada) when he married Barbe Menard, a 16 year old girl from La Rochelle, France.  Barbe had recently arrived from France and was one of a group of women recruited by the Catholic Jesuits to help the colony grow and compete with the English colonies to the south.  Antoine and Barbe's descendents flourished and participated in many of the significant historical events in the United States and Canada. 

There are two versions of the Vermette Family History on this website.  The Private Family History section requires special registration for privacy reasons.  The Private Family History contains my personal family history with a complete family tree, photos, historical analyses, biographical notes, maps, memoirs, census records, documentation, and sources.  The Public Family Tree section provides information about the same family tree, but contains very limited data on living individuals.  No registration is needed to access the Public Family Tree.  The Public Family Tree is provided to help others who are researching their Vermette or Lalonde ancestry.  

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